Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Value Of Business Process Improvement

Start Home Based Business - The Value Of Business Process Improvement

The Value Of Business Process Improvement, that is what the article talks about.
A bit like the intention of my setup. I have now articles but, many are too 'one-minded'.
Now, I ask of the readers(yes that means you too), to give feedback by writing in the comments. If something useful shows up, then that will be put in the article again. Simple not?
The end result should be a goldmine in knowledge or something like that.

And of course i am aiming to people who make or want to make a living from home based business, so that means tomorrow and the day after you also need income, security not scams or dumb projects.

So, ... read this and come back with your questions or your insights. And don't take to long, because i am waiting for you... :)

The main item for this page: Business Process Mapping Tool